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Sedation and sleep dentistry ensure your relaxation and stress-free experience throughout dental procedures.
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Various anesthetic and sedation choices are accessible to alleviate any pain or discomfort during your dental procedure. Multiple methods can be employed, possibly in combination, to ensure comprehensive relief. The specific type of sedation or anesthesia administered will be determined by your individualized treatment plan, personal requirements, and the professional recommendation of your dentist or specialist.

Types of Sedation

The various forms of sedation can be categorized into three main groups. Firstly, local anesthesia can be applied to numb the specific area undergoing treatment. Alternatively, sedation can induce a state where you are awake but deeply relaxed. Lastly, general anesthesia allows you to sleep through the entire procedure. Below is further insight into each group:

Local Anesthesia

This conventional method involves numbing the targeted area by administering a local anesthetic. While you may experience pressure, pain sensation is effectively blocked.


Through the use of prescription medication, laughing gas, or intravenous administration, light to moderate sedation ensures you remain conscious yet profoundly relaxed. Often, this form of sedation is paired with local anesthesia.

Sleep Dentistry

General anesthesia or deep sedation induces a state of near or complete unconsciousness. Patients often report having no memory of the procedure when awake. Post-procedure, you’ll remain relaxed and drowsy, necessitating someone to accompany you home and stay with you.

The Benefits Of Dental Sedation

Sedation and sleep dentistry offer valuable options enabling us to cater to patients from diverse backgrounds, each facing unique challenges. Here are some advantages of sedation dentistry:

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

At times, the apprehension and unease may seem more daunting than the actual treatment. Dental anxiety shouldn’t hinder you from receiving necessary dental care. Whether you experience mild or severe dental anxiety, or fear prevents you from seeking treatment, please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns. We’re here to assist you.

Make Time Fly By

During lengthy procedures where you find yourself seated with your mouth open for extended periods, sedation ensures your relaxation and comfort. You’ll be surprised how quickly the procedure concludes. If IV sedation is necessary, the experience will feel as though only a moment has passed.

Tailored for Your Personal Needs

Do you struggle with a sensitive gag reflex? Experience chronic restlessness or restless leg syndrome? Find that local anesthesia isn’t effective for you? Sedation can be incredibly beneficial in various situations, ensuring accessibility to treatment for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Be assured that we thoroughly discuss the medical history of each patient to determine if sedation dentistry is the suitable choice for you.

Sedation induces a rapid onset of drowsiness and relaxation for many individuals. Some may describe a gentle tingling sensation as part of the experience. Following the procedure, mild amnesia is common, with patients potentially having little to no recollection of the treatment.

The majority of sedation dentistry methods do not entail patients being rendered unconscious. Instead, they induce a state of profound relaxation. In fact, you might not recall any part of the procedure once it concludes.

In cases where sedation is administered, we emphasize the significance of arranging for a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you. It’s essential to allow the sedative effects to fully dissipate and afford your body adequate rest before resuming your usual activities.

If you’ve undergone sedation for your dental procedure, we recommend taking the day off for recovery. As a general guideline, allocate at least 24 hours before resuming your normal activities. The duration for drowsiness to subside varies based on the type of sedation administered, typically ranging from 2 to 8 hours.

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